The People Of Singapore : Tee-Saurus November 14, 2014 11:10

Thank you so much People of Singapore for featuring us.

We hope we have inspired and motivated their who have passion and the drive to pursue your dreams :)


Here's the article:
"A while back I went through a very difficult time. My business partner pulled out and my business almost went under. And around the same time my wife miscarried which is devastating. I was ready to give up on my dreams. But somehow we weathered the storm. I learned that no matter how difficult things may be, you need to remember your passion - to hold on to your dreams. So we made it through and things are going much better now.


I now want to share what I learned about perseverance and remaining optimistic with others. So these days, besides my business, I do this design project on the side - making tees and badges with messages to inspire others to follow their dreams.


I want you to know that you should always remember to believe in yourself."

Wear your dreams, pave your road.