The Tee-Saurus story

The Tee-Saurus story is always about facing challenges with a broad smile. We've been through some really rough storms but looking at the world with optimism and knowing there is always light behind the dark cloud kept us going. No matter how difficult a path may be, remember your passion. Remember what you set out to be. Remember nothing can bring you down except yourself. That's why you see graphics that are designed to set a smile on you like our signature Rawr, the cheeky and mischievous T-Rex. Our motivation set of badges seeks to inspire others who wants to achieve their dreams.
Ignite your passion, pursue your dreams. It's ok to fail for "a little rain must fall" in order for you to see the bigger picture. Stepping out is never easy, but look how far you have walked this road you paved. And you shall see that there's nothing better than to walk ahead with your head tilted high. That's the Tee-Saurus spirit. Wear your dreams. Pave your road.


We wanted a name that can house a wide collection of designs, categories and themes. We brainstormed the names, and finally the name Tee-Saurus came to mind. Witty and catchy, the name stuck to us. Similar to the word Thesaurus, we knew it was the winner.

Take a closer look.
We replaced the dinosaur's sockets with apparels! Did you catch that?
We are inspired by ideas, both locally as well as internationally. We brainstorm and bring you designs that are distinctively like no other. Tee-saurus is all about living a lifestyle and Tee-Saurus is dedicated to provide that lifestyle to bring you the smile and light up your day.