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National Achievers Congress 2017 by Success Resources

Love him or hate him, JT Foxx brings results and Tee-Saurus was a big part in it. Through intense business coaching and countless hard drills from JT FOXX and his super coaches (which was Damien Elston, Jason Evers as well as Les Evans), we saw an increase of 500% in our business growth. And these only happened in less than 2 years!

When I first met him, I was a typical Singaporean, wary and skeptical of him, an aggressive American who kept talking about his success stories on stage. I was sitting on the Gold seat with thanks to one of my good friend Wendi, who had a ticket to spare. But everything changed. My main design business didn't seem to be growing. And it triggered to me if having a business coach would really help in my business. But we took the risk to purchase his lesson "Money Never Sleeps". One big takeaway was the "Work on your business and not in your business" concept. We implemented it but it wasn't taking off. Was something still missing?

We wanted more answers and went to his courses repeatedly until Doris and I decided in order to take our business to the next level, if we wanted to progress, we can't be attending training only. We have to be coached. Training only feeds you knowledge mostly theoretically. But coaching drives you through solutions, implementations, systems and most importantly accountability. And this coach believes in you more than you could ever believe. The little touches of telling you what is wrong and what you should be doing touched me. He cares and his actions says it all.

We took action attending the Top 1 Business retreat in Phuket in October 2016 together with the global entrepreneurs from Singapore, Bangkok, Malaysia, South Africa, Indonesia, Australia and Taiwan. By implementing what we learnt from the earlier courses together with an in-depth vertical planning and execution, the results was amazing!

For Tee-Saurus, our designer lifestyle store who started as an online store started having it's culture. It's USP of Happier Products, Happier Days. From a mere B2C gift novelty company we evolved to also create a positivity reinforcement tool for the B2B market that aims to raise morale, productivity in the office. And these were not all, we needed to keep building our business vertically and globally. We expanded our retail partnerships strategically by location. And marketed it across the world through online. Now we have customers from USA, Europe, Dubai and more Asia countries! Having an online store wasn't enough, having a personality and culture was far more important! Branding, branding, branding! And from that implementation, the rise in traffic and sales increased dramatically! We had people coming into our website and converting sales from all over the world, best thing we didn't had to pay for advertising! All that it took was a total switch in branding and our tone of copywriting. Boom!

Tee-Saurus English Office Buddy

I have another branding agency Idea Edge Group, and we specialise in creating award winning logos. Through the entire network, we have successfully finished two major branding projects in Bangkok, Thailand. One for Smile Everyday Dental Bangkok and another for Hi End Audio Bangkok. Thank you for the opportunity.

Seeing JT's hard work has brought out that well needed energy in all of us, which led me to have insane goals that I will want to go up to. In 2017, the journey has been extraordinary! As a designer, we wanted to move up the ranks and what JT taught me was not to challenge one or two places up. You've to be hungry, you've got to aim higher. I told myself that I will do what it takes from #39 to be #15 this year!

Ranked number 39th in the World for Designer last year, this year I'm ranked #6 now in 2017! We've won a Gold Design Award in Milan, a Silver in US for our works. And was selected to be one of the Design Jury for the A'Design International Awards, one of the highest honour for a Design professional to be in.

JT, you taught me it's not foolish to dream big. And no matter how hard it is, never lose track of focus. Remember your goals, take bold action to make it come true. You taught me nobody is going to give you the Best Excuse Award. There's no such thing as I'll do it tomorrow. The speed of implementation. You'll taught me how to think and see things as a whole. The bigger picture. You've told me how to read a person through their eyes, gestures and the way they talk.

I used to be one person who kept all my problems in business inside me because I couldn't find anyone to talk to. And if I shared this with my own family, it might make them stressed. So before I met him, I did corner myself and wept at a corner, before wearing a smile when I'm back home. I'm thankful that I have met you and your team. I'm grateful that I am not fighting alone in my business. I know if I align myself with the right people, the right coaches, half the battle is won. I may not be the brightest student that he has, but definitely I'm blessed to be in the big family we term #familyfirst. We can come so far because you believed in us. And thank you for the opportunities, and branding us as your success stories in the recent National Achievers Congress 2017 by Success Resources together with the wildly successful entrepreneurs around me. There's still so much room to grow and explore!

In my humble opinion, there is no definition of a born entrepreneur. It takes time to be crafted into one. You got to be hungry, coachable and on the go! If someone like me can accelerate the growth of my business through coaching, I'm sure you can too!

In summary, these are the TOP #8 tips I got from JT FOXX. (8 is a great number in Asia as it means Prosperity)

#1 To be successful, you got to get rid of procrastination. Stop creating excuses. Too much work, no cash, no time - get rid of these. Focus on the results and end goal. Less Talk. More Action.

#2 Focus on productive matters. Not rubbish.
I used to multitask, doing 101 things at one time. Yes, things get done but I wasn't able to see the horizon. I wasn't able to see the future. Focusing one time at a time lets you see the entire picture, so you can do what you do best and get out of your business and build it from the outside. Focus-task. Not multitask. And one great tips I got from his Wealth Workout, always use your left page and create your 5 top lists to finish by TODAY! And it works wonders for me!

#3 It's vertical business building. NOT horizontal.
Go deep. When you do a business, make 'wings' that can spread far and wide. Think of the possibilities your brand can go and what your strengths can compliment the different businesses. I created an Advertising company - Branding Agency - Designer Lifestyle Merchandise company. Connecting Singapore to the rest of the world via the online environment.

#4 Focus on the customer client experience, not the profits first.
When you take meticulous care of your clients, they will take care of your pockets.

#5 The product is about the customer, not you.
Create products that relate and solve problems for them. Not yourself. Products that only reflect your own thinking would not sell well. Do research, ask questions, take complaints. Turn them into goods of desire.

#6 The Wow word
You don't have to wait till occasions in order to surprise your customers. Keep them constantly updated about what you are doing and make their day!

#7 Branding
What your business and product is about. Are you creating the right brand? The right culture? A simple tip from Coach Jason changed the entire company value. Read "Zappos" by Tony Hsieh. From there, we found all the answers we wanted about creating Happier Products for Happier Days. Having a company without a soul is just plain boring.

#8 Dreams are not foolish. 
Never stop just because you achieved your goals. Keep breaking new grounds. Dreams are what keeps us alive. Action is what makes us money. And one key things I discovered why my staffs are still with me because they believe and buy the dream I set out to accomplish. Like what JT Foxx mentioned. Dreams don't come true, visions do.

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