Attitude Tees - Statements Tshirts - TAIWANESE - EAT SHIT T-shirt


Tee-Saurus TAIWANESE Flavoured Tees - Eat Sh*t Tshirt

It's time to update your statement. Tee-Saurus Taiwanese Flavoured Language Slang Tees - EAT SHIT. Sometimes the best way to tell others of your mood is not through your face but through your tee.

Collect the entire series!

White on black tee.

Full printing on 100% premium cotton

Pre-order takes approximately 4 - 9 days.

It will be mailed to you via normal postage.

Normal Postage fee is included. Free Postage is only applicable to Singapore only. 

All ideas, concept design, characters and fully original illustration are the property of Tee-Saurus. Tee-Saurus reserves all copyrights to this idea, artwork which cannot be reproduced or modified (whether in part or whole) without first obtaining written consent. All rights reserved.

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