Art Posters - LOL Funny Singapore Series - Onward Singapore


This series of posters are based on the past Singapore phrases or imagery that is just meant to giggle and not representing any harm nor aggression on any parties involved or serve as any form of disrespect.

Purely a Just For Laughs Poster.
Simple and direct. Money In. Singapore.

Perhaps one of the best strategies of the Singapore success is running the country like a business.
We do not have any natural resources that we can compete. And reserves are the best thing that keeps our economy going. Of course, we are amongst the top for our living standards. But we need to be competitive to stay on top via the fast growing economy. Grow Singapore! 

Measures by 210mm (w) x 297mm (h).
Printed on premium majestic cream metallic paper.
Frame not included

*Color may vary based on availability. Shipping is included in this instance.

All ideas, concept design, characters and fully original illustration are the property of Tee-Saurus. Tee-Saurus reserves all copyrights to this idea, artwork which cannot be reproduced or modified (whether in part or whole) without first obtaining written consent. All rights reserved.

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