Tee-Saurus Farewell Poster - Best Wishes


Need a great farewell gift for your fellow colleague?

Best Wishes! 

Look no further. Tee-Saurus brings you a series of Farewell posters for you to tell your office colleague how much they meant to you. Write and scribble your wishes together on the premium metallic paper, framed nicely. Make your thought count with this special gift from Tee-Saurus and bring on that happy vibe to the new office or workplace! Send them your best wishes!

It makes a nice gift for friends to hang on their walls, as a table decoration or even making their day a happy one!

Framed on white wood frame* that measures by 210mm (w) x 300mm (h).

*Color may vary based on availability. Shipping is included in this instance.

All ideas, concept design, characters and fully original illustration are the property of Tee-Saurus. Tee-Saurus reserves all copyrights to this idea, artwork which cannot be reproduced or modified (whether in part or whole) without first obtaining written consent. All rights reserved.

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