Art Prints - Rawr and the Milo Dinosaur Poster Collection


Follow Rawr and go cray cray over the Milo Dinosaur! Chocolate lovers, rejoice with iced cold mugs of Milo Dinosaur, topped with heaps of Milo powder. Get yours at our local kopi tiam, or pay double at a café. Either way, chocolate makes us happy, because of that greeeatttt chocolatey taste!

easures by 210mm (w) x 297mm (h).

Printed on premium majestic cream metallic paper.
Frame not included

*Color may vary. Shipping is included in this instance.

All ideas, concept design, characters and fully original illustration are the property of Tee-Saurus. Tee-Saurus reserves all copyrights to this idea, artwork which cannot be reproduced or modified (whether in part or whole) without first obtaining written consent. All rights reserved.

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