Tee-Saurus Rawr Around Singapore Postcard - Karung Guni


Tee-Saurus Rawr Around The World Postcards: Karung Guni (Junkman)

Follow Rawr and sell your old stuff to the Karung Guni! You’ll probably hear him before even seeing him – those loud chants of “Karung Guni…! Siew po zuar (newspapers), sar kor (clothes), pai leleo (radio), dian xi kee (television)!” in Hokkien can be heard along the corridors of our HDBs. The local rag-and-bone man arms himself with a horn and a portable weighing scale, going door-to-door to weigh your old newspapers while handing you cash. Well, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure – time to spring clean and earn a few dollars!

Unlike the normal postcards, these are printed on 

290 gsm Majestic Marble White (Metallic Paper)

Size: 110mm x 148mm

Free Delivery in Singapore and Malaysia.

All rights reserved. Designed and printed in Singapore. www.tee-saurus.com

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