The Time Machine - Based on a true story December 02, 2015 20:19

Do you laugh at people's dreams?
When someone talks about their purpose and dreams in life, what are your reactions?

That guy is crazy? That guy is weird? Foolish dreams?

I was picking up my little Clarice today when my wife told me about a true story, told by a teacher who encountered this child (let's call him Walker) which was about 9 years old.

Flashback to about two years ago. And this story was etched in Teacher Evelyn's mind.

Teacher Evelyn asked the class today: Do you know why you must wake up early everyday?

Kids: (Sighs) we need to go to school. *Yawns*

Everyone was giving the answer reluctantly when this boy stood up.

Walker: I woke up early because I need to go to school. Because I have a purpose.

Teacher Evelyn was surprised by his words.

Teacher Evelyn
: Purpose? Could you tell me about it?

Walker: I am going to invent a time machine.

Without even thinking, the entire class burst into laughter. They mocked at the little boy for his foolish dream.

Walker was taken aback. His face turned red as his vision started to blur. He was starting to clench his fist, he knew he could not break down. Not at moments like this. In his mind he thought everyone could laugh at him. But never at his dreams. He bit his teeth. Kept his tears from rolling down. His eyes were red, and tears were starting to form as he arched his eyebrows and looked down. Don't let your tears fall, he reminded himself as his nose started to sour.

The laughter did not stop as the students mimicked his words. "Time machine, time machine."

Teacher Evelyn felt tickled but she was curious. She knew that there might be a reason for things to happen. She knew dreams was not something to laugh about.

Teacher Evelyn: Could you tell me the reason about your purpose in building the time machine?

Walker looked at the teacher in the eye. That determination was something that took the teacher by surprise. She knew at an instant that this kid was not lying. Her expression changed. She knew if she were to laugh at him, it would be disrespectful.

She whispered to Walker: Wait.

She turned around the class and stopped all the other children from laughing.

Teacher Evelyn: Stop laughing. Dreams are something you do not laugh at.

The class went silent.

Teacher: I need you to come forward and tell everyone why you want to build that time machine, Walker.

Walker took a big breath. He wiped his red nose with his sleeves as he took little steps to the front.

As he looked at the Teacher Evelyn, she assured Walker that everything is going to be fine. She gave a gentle pat on his shoulder and nodded her head.

Walker turned around as the class listened.

Teacher Evelyn whispered to his ears: Tell them about your purpose. They would want answers and so do I.

Walker answered and the entire class broke into tears and Teacher Evelyn went on her knees.

Walker: I will invent that time machine. I missed Daddy so much. He passed away when I was very young. I want to see him again. Badly.

Evelyn couldn't believe what she heard. That very phrase pierced her heart out cold. Evelyn's lips trembled as she covered her mouth and shivered. The entire class broke into tears in an instant.

She embraced Walker and cried while she was saying: I'm sorry I'm sorry...

Walker hugged her back and broke down. He thought to himself that finally he could let his soft side out. He then told Teacher Evelyn: Until I can have that machine, I will never give up.

The dreams and words of a 9 year old.

That determination. That purpose in life.

Dreams are never going to end. And behind each dream there is a story to tell.

Be inspired. Life is always about ups and downs. But life is not about how hard you fall. It's about how you pick yourself up and how you keep your dreams alive.

Do you have any stories of dreams to tell?