Which Tee-Saurian Are You? September 03, 2015 21:48

Tee-Saurus top 5 Most Wanted Characters. 
The Iconic Tee-Saurus Characters. Which one are you?

[1] Tee-Saurus King of Pilots - THE AIRPLANE KING
These are typically friends who always like to promise "I'll be there, confirm plus chop and warranty." When the meeting draws near, there are no reply, no updates. Then suddenly your phone rings or beeps. "Paiseh, last minute cannot make it. You guys go ahead." You pull your hair. Screams. Airplane King. Suited only for the privileged few. Do you know one or are you one of them?

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[2] Tee-Saurus Boastful One - THE TUA PAO XIAN 
Let me tell you I've done it so many times it's a breeze. Confirm steady one. I've done it so many times I can do with my eyes closed. Don't worry. Piece of cake. Leave it to me. But deep inside, you know talk is cheap. Talking without action is akin to passing wind. Tua Pao Xians tend to exaggerate matters into boastful proportions, usually to get alot of attention. Perfect gifts.

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[3] Tee-Saurus Wayanger - THE WAYANG PLATOON
This one is no joke. Experienced. Masked. Knowledgeable. Dangerous.
Never try to step on their tails or else someone is going to kena.
Like an eunuch, they are sly and great actors / actresses. Super award winners.
Give them any role and they can instantly become that character who can get away with anything.

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[4] Tee-Saurus Wayang - THE SHIT STIRRER

When we encounter this fella, we all siam far far. This is what we call neverending story. Everytime after the job is done, there will always be "WOW. What do you think if we add this in, try another, why don't we do a new one?" Shit stirrers don't only stir shit, they practically waste a lot of time doing things that are not productive and still trying to think they can create an advantage. Go on, gift this to someone who deserves this title!

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[5] Tee-Saurus Everything also Don't Know - THE BUEY HIAOW HERO
This character gives you goosebumps and heat up to your brain. Be it anything you ask. Questions, favors, feelings, they all come back with the same answer: Buey Hiaow (Don't Know). Practically they piss the hell out of you till they become the black sheep where no one will ask them to do anything. They are free to do what they like. Now who's the clever one here?


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The top 5 Tee-Saurian characters are listed here. Which are you?